Do you want your school to join those that take in and protect refugee children?

Millions of refugee children have been forced to flee their country, leaving behind their land, their family, their friends and their school and thrust into a childhood as a refugee.

Even under such difficult circumstances of having to seek refuge in another country, going to school is a basic need for refugee children.  

The school is a safe place, a necessary place that offers protection and education. A place that welcomes and allows children to learn, play, meet new friends and build new safe spaces for peace and coexistence.

Choose a piece of paper or fabric that you like; you can also use old magazines or newspapers.
Print the outline of the Refuge School and cut it out.
Place the cut-out over the material you’ve chosen, trace around it, and cut out your school.
Write or draw how you would like all schools to be (as places of peace, coexistence and learning) inside.
Make a photo or scan it, and send it us.You can also share it on social media with the hashtag #RefugeSchool
Encourage your friends, friends, family and neighbours to participate, so that refugee children know that we defend their right to attend to a safe and transformative school.
Send it to:

These schools open borders.