The right to education must be protected no matter the circumstances

In emergencies, education is the first right to be lost and the one that takes the
longest to restore. Which is why education must be preserved as an essential right
within any humanitarian response to an emergency or crisis.

To that end, we call on the states on the world’s major borders to:

Invest in and guarantee the right to free, compulsory, high-quality education for
refugee and migrant children and youth and ensure that this right continues
uninterrupted no matter the circumstances, protecting them from even greater levels
of risk.


Design, support and implement humanitarian aid policies and programmes that:

  • Prioritise education as an element of protection, return to normalcy, and
    construction of a culture of peace and reconciliation.
  • Guarantee schools as safe and protective spaces and ensure they are not
    used for military purposes.

Align their humanitarian cooperation and aid policies with the Safe Schools
Declaration, a set of global commitments to strengthen the protection of education
from attack.


Allocate 6% of the humanitarian aid budget to education in emergencies, reinforcing education as a cornerstone of humanitarian aid.


Spain must also commit to financing multilateral funds—like Education Cannot Wait
(ECW) and the Global Alliance for Education (GAE)—that address educational


Ensure that refugee and migrant children are always protected and stay together with their parents; if they are separated, they must be reunited as soon as possible.


Strengthen society’s acceptance of refugees, promote an understanding of migration
that is based on its underlying causes, foster a sense of empathy and openness of
host societies, fight racism and xenophobia, and promote intercultural harmony.


Join forces with the rest of the international community to stop armed conflicts as a cause of displacement, the recruitment of child soldiers, and the marginalisation of children, and to fight Covid-19 and its consequences together, particularly in the most vulnerable contexts.

Support our cause.

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