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The right to education must be protected in all circumstances.

A growing number of people around the world are being forced to leave their homes and countries, many of them children who have been displaced from their communities and schools because of war, violence, natural disasters and poverty.


Nations and the international community as a whole have an imperative to adopt the measures needed to respect, protect and guarantee the right to education, ensuring the inclusion of children, peace-building and social transformation.

We thus call on national political representatives and the international community to:


Ensure the right to quality education for migrant and displaced children and adolescents without exception, whatever their legal status.


Ensure that migrant and refugee children and adolescents are immediately welcomed and included in education in the short, medium and long term.


Increase the level of public funding and budgets for education, particularly those targeted at guaranteeing educational equity and inclusion.


Gear Spanish cooperation towards ensuring Sustainable Development Goal 4, primarily (although not exclusively) through education in emergencies and through basic education, following the recently approved Law on Cooperation and Global Solidarity, which lays down a path for investment in cooperation of 0.7% of GDP.


Allocate sufficient humanitarian and development aid funds to meet the education needs of migrants and displaced persons across national borders.


Provide coordination and financial support to ensure the effective implementation of the rights recognised in the Temporary Protection Directive of 18 March 2022 for the Ukrainian population who have been forced to leave their homes and extend it to all other people of other nationalities in the same situation of forced mobility, without discrimination.


Strengthen the education aid system for Latin America and the host countries and communities of Venezuelan refugees.


Guarantee safe and welcoming school environments for migrant and refugee children and adolescents and strengthen the cultural sensitivity of education systems so that diversity is promoted as a value.


Ensure teacher training to equip teachers with the tools to manage diverse, multilingual and intercultural contexts and to emphasise the role of education for global citizenship.


Strengthen the psychosocial support and emotional education capabilities of the educational community. Mental and socio-emotional health is a key component for migrant children and adolescents and the coordination of well-being and protection in both formal and non-formal settings is fundamental.

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