Do you want schools to be places of refuge?

War, violence and forced displacement tear millions of children away from their schools, their refuge, their safe space.

But education shouldn’t stop under any circumstances, even during emergencies or when children are displaced. In fact, these challenging situations are exactly when it’s crucial that children remain in school, the place that protects them and provides a safe haven. We must remain committed to defending their right to education.

Pick out a piece of paper or fabric that you like or repurpose an old magazine or newspaper
Print out the shape of the Refuge School and cut it out
Lay the cut out of the Refuge School over your piece of paper or cloth, then draw or trace it and cut out your school
Write the world “Refuge” on the left half of the shape and the word “Refuge” on the right
Hang up your school in a window or on a balcony as a symbol of your commitment to the right to education
Take a photo of your school or of other people who have made their own school and email it to use at EMAIL IT

You can also post it to your social media using the hashtag #RefugeSchool


Encourage your friends, family and friends around you to participate, so that refugee children know that we defend their right to continue their education even event under emergency conditions

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